Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing Project: Transform Long Pants to Short Pants


This light blue long pants is given by the boyfriend's mother. As you can see from the picture above, the pants has a narrow bottom which looks like skinny pants. The waist fits me fine but it doesn't look good on me with its length since it is tailor-made for a different size.

I cut the pants until above the knee and left about 2 inches length extra for seaming. Well obviously it is too much, but for a beginner it is always safer to have extra space for try and error.

Closer look of the cut pants with pins attached to one leg. I called it leg because that's how I call it haha.

Close up of the pins on the pants. I measured 1cm from the bottom and draw a line around the leg. Unless you have a steady hand otherwise it is very useful to have a line as guideline while sewing.

The illustration above shows how I sew the bottom. I'm not sure the proper way of sewing the bottom but I came out with two ways. Either sew from outside or inside. Outside means without folding the pants to the wrong side and sew below it. Inside means you have to fold the pants to the wrong side and sew. I tried both ways and it worked the same to me haha.

Even with a guideline, my sewing still 'bengkang bengkok' lol. Nevertheless, it looked much better than the first few times. In order to hide the imperfection, I decided to add some cute buttons.

These flower buttons are really cute. Definitely add a lot of cuteness to the pants.

And the final result.......


It will look much better after ironing. Check out the cute pockets lining got a bit of wave.

Happy sewing and Selamat Hari Raya!


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